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About obscanity.com

It’s obscene! It’s insane! It’s… Superman! Ha, no, just kidding. It’s obscane.

Obscanity is a lot of things… it used to be a political blog, as in, “What’s happening to this country is absolutely obscane,” but then I decided obscanity.com would be of more use to people if I used it to offer coupons and great deals from around the web. (It also served as a nice outlet so I could stop spamming my friends with all the fantabulous deals I find online – not that I haven’t totally hooked some of them up!)

I am a total shopaholic, and have always looked for new ways to earn and save money online. I’ve found some great ones; I was one of the original users of AllAdvantage (remember the paid toolbar?), I wrote for Epinions for years, I tutor online, I hardly buy anything without some kind of promotion code or coupon, and now I can bring new fantastic deals and programs to you!

Eventually the site started to drift back into its original purpose, and today it’s something of a blend. I post relevant news and political editorials, but also fabulous coupons and deals, as well as other useful content (or at least, I hope it’s useful to you!). I also post recommendations from among my favorite books, music, movies, games, and TV shows. I am, after all, among the self-proclaimed charismatic leaders of the Cult of E-Fan-gelism. (Does that make me an e-Fan-gelical?)

Buffy? Dar Williams? Sarah McLachlan? Grey’s Anatomy? It’s only the beginning. Muhahaha!


p.s. I hope you get some use out of this site!