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Thoughts on a shooting

June 8th, 2013 [General, Law & Politics, News, US]


I could go off on a long rant about gun control here, but I’ll just share some scattered thoughts on yesterday’s shooting in Santa Monica, which hit way too close to home in every respect.

How come people only freak out and demand gun control legislation after one of these massive shootings in a usually-quiet neighborhood? Isn’t gun violence also terrible when it happens on a daily basis in cities across the nation? At our old house, we used to hear gunshots fairly frequently. The first time it happened, we tried calling the police. They brushed us off. And it really sucked when a guy was murdered in a drive-by shooting a few houses down from us because some gang members thought he was a member of a rival gang. He wasn’t. But nobody made any demands for gun control then. I don’t even think they published the guy’s name in the newspaper. You had to try really hard just to find the inch of column space the shooting received. This happens every day. Why are we letting this happen every day?

Why is it that the same people who bitch and moan about the constitutional notions of “separation of church and state” and “fundamental right to privacy” do a full flip-flop when it comes to the alleged unequivocal constitutional right to personally own military-style weaponry with virtually no governmental regulation or interference? Have they read the full 2nd Amendment?

How many more mass shootings is it going to take for us to make a change? When is enough enough? If a classroom full of murdered kindergarteners wasn’t enough… what is?

If we can regulate and track the sale of pseudoephedrine, why can’t we regulate and track ammunition sales? As with ammunition, mere purchase of pseudoephedrine is not illegal, nor is possession. But if somebody lives in the middle of a densely-populated city with virtually no open land for hunting and they suddenly start stockpiling ammunition meant for semi-automatic weapons, it seems like we ought to care as much as we do if somebody goes to four different pharmacies and buys out their supply of Sudafed. And yet somehow we don’t.

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3 Responses to “Thoughts on a shooting”

  1. You state how much you love to shop, and yet there are people all over the world that can’t do that. So many people have no money. We live in a consumer oriented society, and you are only promoting and basking in it. You have links all over this site. i cannot support the ignorance. Try thinking of the destitute people that are hurting all over the world and do something to help them instead of asking people to click on your links. I can only say that your attitude is hypocritical.

  2. I’m a little confused – what did your comment have to do with my post, and where did I state that I love to shop? I have affiliate links posted for other people who do shopping online, because *I need the money*. For things like food and bills. What exactly is hypocritical about my post? It wasn’t even about money.

  3. Also, for somebody whose only footprint online is a comment about how much you love to buy milkshakes, I hardly think you’re in a position to tell me that I should do something to help poor people around the world – what are you doing to help those who are starving while you suck down your milkshakes?

    To me it sounds like you have a rant and were just looking for somebody to smack with it. No thanks.

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