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Longtime White House correspondent Helen Thomas retiring – CNN.com

June 7th, 2010 [Middle East]

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Longtime White House correspondent Helen Thomas retiring – CNN.com.

Wow. I had no idea. Does she realize that many Jews never left Israel, or never left the Middle East, or did not move to Israel from Europe but from Africa or Asia, or that Germany and Poland were never our true home? We were always from the Middle East. When we were in Europe, most people there hoped we would go back to where we came from, if not simply perish. So to say we should “go back to Germany/Poland” is to completely misunderstand the Jewish people as a whole. I don’t know if “Go back to Africa” is really an accurate analogy; that would be closer if she had said Jews should get out of America and go back to Israel. A better analogy would be if a community of freed slaves – or even their ancestors today – returned to their homes in Africa only to be told to “Go back to Virginia.”

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